Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A success Story from a NEOBUX Member.

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A success story
Just wanted to celebrate this moment because I already earned over $5000, yes that's right, five thousand dollars since 2008/05/21 (that's 837 days).
And all that without investing any money from my own pocket. Only invested money earned here, at Neobux.

Main Balance: $701.760
Rental Balance: $0.074
Golden Pack Balance: $0.000
Received: $4,204.872
Direct Purchases: $93.408
Earned so far: $5000+

It keeps getting better and better as the days pass!

Thank you Neobux for providing us this great, simple and stable online money earning opportunity!
Here's to the next 5k mark

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  1. I wish I could earn such a big money. Hope fully one day...